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Why do I need corner guards for my home?

Installing stainless steel corner guards is a more efficient, cost effective, and permanent way to fix a damaged drywall corner, and to prevent the damage before it occurs. Corner guards are a small investment into the longevity of your home.

Is installing a corner guard a Do It Yourself (DIY) project?

Installing a corner guard is a very simple process, you can view the complete instructions here. You do not need to have a construction background, or previous construction knowledge to install corner guards. Simple.

How do I choose a metal corner guard?

We recommend the following thicknesses for the various types of stainless steel corner guard installations – choosing the incorrect corner guard can result in unnecessary repair, or early replacement of the metal corner protectors. We recommend:

16 gauge = .060″ thick (heavy duty)
18 gauge = .048″ thick (medium duty)
20 gauge = .036″ thick (light duty)
22 gauge = .030″ thick (decorative, light traffic).

What is SafetyEdge™?

Over 90% of wall corners are not a true 90 degree angle. SafetyEdge™ is a patented corner guard that compensates for the inconsistencies in degrees. By using SafetyEdge™ corner guards, you will avoid protruding sharp edges, hence providing a clean look for your walls.

Do I need SafetyEdge™?

If you are not sure if your wall requires a safety edge, simply place a measuring square against your corner. If you see any gap between the square and the wall, we strongly recommend the SafetyEdge™. By not using our SafetyEdge™, you may have protruding edges that can cause injury, unnecessary repair, or early replacement of your corner guards. Better be safe than sorry – choose the right corner guard for the space.

Why should I choose stainless steel corner guards?

Stainless steel corner guards provide your home with protection from damage and wear and tear. Corner guards save you significant time and money on repairing and painting costs from repeated damage from everyday incidents that plastic corner guards cannot provide. Not only that – it provides a brilliant finish that is not easily replicated by its plastic counterparts.

Is construction adhesive better than two-way tape for the installation?

Yes. Over the years, we found that two way tape was the weak point in keeping your corner guard in place. This could result in earlier replacement than what was intended. We recommend construction adhesives from your local hardware store. We recommend LePage PL9000 Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, or equivalent.

What is a gauge thickness?

Gauge thickness is a standard measurement that is used for wiring and sheet metal. The smaller the number, the thicker it is. We recommend the following thicknesses for the various types of installations:
16 gauge = .060″ thick (heavy duty)
18 gauge = .048″ thick (medium duty)
20 gauge = .036″ thick (light duty)
22 gauge = .030″ thick (decorative, light traffic)

Do you provide custom orders?

Of course we do! We can provide custom orders on longer, thicker, or different degrees – whatever your needs are, we can accommodate you. For custom or industrial use, please send us an email ( with specific thickness and length. Our specialized staff will be happy to give you a free quotation. No refunds or exchanges for custom orders.

How long does it take to ship?

On average, if your corner guard is in stock, it should ship within 5 business days using Fed Ex or Post Office. For custom orders, the ship date will be included in the quotation. If you are in a time-crunch, we suggest contacting us beforehand to ensure that your desired product is in-stock. If it isn’t, we would be happy to suggest an alternative. Due to supply chain issues, there may be some delays

Do you have a guarantee?

All of our products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the time of purchase against any defect in material and craftsmanship.

If there are any issues at time of delivery, simply return the corner guards within 7 days of receiving it with proof of purchase. Ace Corner Guards reserves the right to replace or refund the cost of the corner guards in full.

Ace Corner Guards is not responsible for the poor installation, use of improper gauge for the application, misuse, alteration, wear and tear caused by other than manufacturing defect. No refunds or exchanges for custom orders.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders can be canceled at any time prior to shipment. After the corner guards have been shipped, they can be returned for a refund of the product price within 30 days. As shipping is a consumed service, delivery and other charges are non-refundable. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-638-0126 if you wish to return any products, and we would be happy to walk you through the process. No refunds or exchanges for custom orders.